How to start writing a weblog?

June 6th, 2009

This was one of the questions I was asking myself when I started downloading the wordpress software.
Should I write in English or in German? Should I download a ready-to-use design or design one myself?
These were some other questions I was asking myself during the 5 minutes process of uploading the software to my webspace.

So, as you may see, I decided to write in English because of the bigger community I can reach with this language and I’m thinking about making my own design.

What might be of more interrest for you, is perhaps the content I will write about in the near or far future. Generally I could say: Enjoy the surprise! I don’t know what thoughts are coming into my mind, so I don’t know whether I’m going to write about my company, my daily life, or just about everything.

Now, I just wanted to thank once again Axamblis for the great support they give to me and my first gift to you: you can keep every writing mistake you’ll find in this blog 😛